Strategic investments on Majorca

Nowadays investments can be made in different areas. A decisive factor for an investment is the resultant return from it! Euroobjekt has realized early the increased demand for lucrative investment options on the Balearic Islands and has specialized in the implementation of investment strategies in the real estate industry on Majorca.

Location, purchase price and development potential are decisive for lucrative real estate investments, and only a professional project management enables double-figure profit.


Basic facts


Majorca is the perfect destination on the Mediterranean, with a high safety standard and a complete infrastructure. Euroobjekt gives investors interesting, secure and lucrative options to pool monetary resources and to invest them efficiently. The fundamental principle is simple: to realize projects jointly and to generate the corresponding return.

At Euroobjekt we check constantly interesting properties and building plots, which meet the demand profile. The demand profile includes location, sea view, and return potential. Together with the investors Euroobjekt realizes selected projects and manages these until the final sale.


Euroobjekt has many years of experience in the realization of such projects and disposes on the necessary know-how, the enterprising infrastructure and the hereinafter described independent service for the realization. The project supposes the purchase of an existing real estate and its refurbishment, or the purchase of a building plot and a new building project, and the sale of it with benefit. The financing for the realization until completion shall be provided by the investor.

After a successful object research, the possible projects shall be presented to the interested investor. Beside pictures of the project, the presentation includes also suggestions for the construction as well as a project calculation and the calculation of the planned yield. Once the decision for the project has been taken, all required legal and constructional proceedings shall be initiated.




The construction schedule phase corresponds to the German standard, with a main focus on the contractual and actuarial aspects, as well as the area of the building law and the architectural planning. During the construction phase, Euroobjekt shall manage a trouble-free implementation of the building progress with all corresponding technical crews. It serves as point of intersection between investor, builder, architect and building engineer. After the finalization or during the construction phase, the sale shall be professionally organized.

Already during the building phase, the marketing of the project shall be promoted, in order to achieve a successful sale and the corresponding yield right after the completion.

After the building completion the administrative proceedings at the municipality and the administrative offices shall be settled.


Euroobjekt has more than 20 years of experience in the area of property investments, which have been successfully implemented, whether in the own name or for investors.